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This is an all handmade leather dog accessory created by expert horse harness craftsmen.

Many luxury handbags made in Japan and abroad are crafted by horse harness craftsmen.
Through years of experience and refining techniques,harness makers are able to create more robust durable products.
We use these fine craftsmanship and continue to make our exquisite dog accessories by hand.

The Round Leather Lead

Skillful Sewing Of One Piece Of LeatherThe Round Leather Lead

To sew a piece of leather in a round form needs advanced craftsmanship. The craftsman must be experienced and know exactly what is good, how long should it be and how is it suitable for the dog's body form.

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The Studded Lead

Accents Stand Out In LeatherThe Studded Lead

Your personality shines through the studded lead.
We carefully finish the collar and lead with metal studs.
Bringing you a stylish pet accessory.

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The Round Leather Short Lead

A Lead That Can Exercise PowerThe Round Leather Short Lead

This is a sturdy leather lead which can withstand the power of a large dog.
It can be used during training or in high traffic areas.
It is convenient to use it in both situations.

Click Here For Round Leather Short Lead

The Police Lead (Three-Point Lead)

A Sense Of Firmness And HoldThe Police Lead (Three-Point Lead)

This lead allows you to walk 2 dogs at the same time.
It can be used for any dog species in a variety of usage.
Give yourself the possibility of handling your dogs stably with this lead.

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