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Membership Registration

Please register with us as our membership is full of deals and benefits.
Registration is free and there is no annual fee!

New Member Registration Benefits

[Benefit 1] Members Can Accumulate Points That You Can Use For Shopping.

You can get 1% cash back as points on the purchase amount of your shopping.
For example, when you purchase JPY10,000 worth of goods, you will receive 100 points. Accumulated points can be used on shopping as 1 point = 1 JPY.

*For now, in addition to 1 point = 1 JPY, we are giving new members 300 points!*

[Benefit 2] Convenience - Members Do Not Need To Fill In Their Particulars Again

If you register as a member, your name and address details will be recorded, you do not need to fill it in the next time and you can place order comfortably.

[Benefit 3] Possible To Record Multiple Addresses

Members can record multiple addresses in their accounts for their home or office. This is especially useful for sending gifts.

[Benefit 4] Members Can Check Order History

From your member's page, you can check the history of past confirmed orders. This is very convenient if you want to search and repurchase the same product.

[Benefit 5] Free Subscription Of Our Email Magazine

Members will receive email magazines packed full with information such as product information and special offers.

Terms of Service

[Important] Before membership registration, please carefully read the following Terms and Conditions.

Your rights and obligations in using this service are defined in The Terms.
When you click the "Agree And Continue To Membership Registration" button, it would represent that you have agreed to all the conditions of this Agreement.