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Round Leather Collar for Cats

Round Leather Collar for Cats

Produced With Excellent Craftsmanship

Round Leather Collar for Cats

It is handmade with a single piece of leather by expert craftsmen.
All our collars are handmade gems.As the leather is round, the parts that touch the cat are smooth.This is a collar with gentle finishing for cats.

point : 1

The Line Is Stitched Carefully With A Needle One-By-One We stay true to the basics and maximize the characteristics of natural leather. Our craftsman, who knows leather very well, carefully sews the small collar with a needle one stitch at a time.
We can achieve this because all our products are handmade. Our products are authentic leather goods.

point : 2

Features That Only Handmade Products Can Achieve If the stitches are out on the surface, it would rub on the cat’s body and feel uncomfortable. As our products are handmade, we are able to hide the stitches with our technique.
We care about the details, so that you and your cat can enjoy this collar.

point : 3

Outstanding Smoothness Of The Contact Surface The surface of the collar which comes in contact with the cat is very smooth. This gives the cat a stress-free experience and keeps the coat beautiful.
After we complete the structure of the collar, we use a special technique in our workshop to improve the smoothness of the collar.

point : 4

The Natural Advantages Of Leather Enhances Our Product Designs In our workshop, the "Koba" or cut sides of the leather are not stained or dyed.
We create a tasteful leather design by combining the original color of the leather in contrast with the dyed surface.

Size Of The Round Leather Collar for Cats

Size Of The Round Leather Collar for Cats

Small Round Collar
(Leather Width 9mm)
Suitable Size For
(Only for Reference)
Size 0 Approx.22.5cm 1.5cm Kitten, Small-sized Cats
Size 1 Approx.25.5cm 1.5cm Kitten, Small-sized Cats, Medium-sized Cats
Size 2 Approx.28cm 1.5cm Medium-sized Cats, Large-sized Cats
  • *Our products are all handmade, so it is normal to have an allowance of 2~3cm difference. Please understand this point. If you have any questions, please contact us by email.*