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A Commitment To Manufacturing Excellence

Every single process of the work is done by hand one piece at a time. This is a really tedious process. It takes a long time to verify each piece of leather by hand to produce fine robust pet accessories. A pet is a treasured family member and we hope they enjoy a long life comfortably together with us... With this in mind, we endeavor to continue manufacturing luxury pet accessories for you and your beloved pet.

Manufacturing Process Of The Round Leather Collar

The round-type leather from our workshop is made from a single piece of leather.
A smaller piece of leather is placed in the center of this piece of leather. Skillful technique and a lot of effort is used to produce this round-type of leather.

By doing so, you can feel that the completely handmade round-type collar is totally different and special when compared with other collars.
While it is complex to manufacture, it exudes beautiful simplicity with creativity and warmth.

The round-type collar is the starting point of luxury pet accessories for our workshop.

Manufacturing Procedure

You can understand how we handmade our products from the photos below.
Please view here for the tools we use for manufacturing.

  • 1

    We cut the leather and also create die-cut parts for mounting metal accessories.

  • 2

    We use a knife to cut off the excess cotton yarn after sewing so it does not stick out from the surface.

  • 3

    We adjust to make sure that the outline is round after sewing.

  • 4

    We trim the surface edge smoothly before sewing.

  • 5

    We make special stitch lines on the leather. These stitch lines are not just for decoration, they also tighten the leather and strengthens it.

  • 6

    The leather is cut to prepare for the hidden stitching.
    (The hidden stitch is used as it would not show the surface.)

  • 7

    This step is done to create symmetrical holes on the leather. Consecutive symmetrical holes are created so that when the product it sewn and used, it would not tear.

  • 8

    In order to have a non-slip effect and protect the cotton yarn by keeping it dry, we use beeswax and sew the threads using a figure 8 method. We do this by fixing the leather on a special platform. This is a unique sewing technique used by horse harness makers.

  • 9

    After stitching, we cut around the outline again to make the leather semi-cylindrical shaped.

  • 10

    The surface is smeared with special materials and processed with a dedicated edge-shaped spatula. This allows the yarn to withstand the same amount of strength.

  • 11

    For small size collars, we continuously re-shape it to carefully make it round.

  • 12

    The round-type collar is completed after mounting the metal accessories.

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