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Multi-Way Lead

Selling Price JPY13,200 Points 120 pt


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The Multi-Way Lead is made from 3 simple concepts. Firstly, the lead must be "Sturdy". Secondly, it must be able “to be repaired easily". Thirdly, it must be able "to be used for a long period of time".

Best Material & Best Processes

Well-aligned material which has undergone neat processing with natural methods can be used for a long period of time when they are finished. If products are manufactured for efficiency, like in factories, product quality is compromised. To maintain high quality consistently, we produce our quality products by hand. Hence, a lasting product which becomes a favorite for a long time is born.

Commitment to Hand Sewing

The most beneficial part of hand-sewn products is that it can be "easily repaired". Our techniques used are from ancient horse harness making. So we are able to produce good quality leads that are "easy to repair". The selection of the thread and stitching method for hand sewing is also important. As we have the design and materials, we can repair almost any damage even those beyond repair.

A Single Piece of Tochigi Leather Is Used

The leather used to produce “Multi-Way Lead” is the oil leather made from Tochigi Leather (Nume Leather with Oil Finish).
It is painstakingly produced over a period of time. The tannin is beautifully finished and penetrates deep into the leather. This leather is strong and robust.
In addition, the leather is oil-finished to prevent it from cracking and keep the original flexibility of the leather.

Non-tangle Structure

Using our Multi-Way leads, you will not face the problem of entanglement no matter how the dogs move.
One of the biggest problems of multi-dog leads is “entanglement”.
On our Multi-Way leads, we have 3 places which exert force. Using our “+Wan” system (Multi Way Lead Use Attachment), where 2 leads are mounted for use, there is a total of 5 places which rotate. This multi-rotation system solves the problem of “entanglement”.

"+ Wan" system can be purchased here.

Color ・Original Brown
Size Approx.122cm
Handle Approx.31cm
Connecting Segment Approx.7cm
+wan Approx.70cm(Excluding Loop & Round Section)
Leather Width Approx.12mm
Leather Thickness Approx.5mm(1 Pc of Leather)
Weight Approx.133g
Material Cowhide Loop Tube (Die-Cast: Nickel Plated) Round Tube: Brass (Nickel Plated) Metal Loop: Die-Cast (Nickel-Plated) D Tube (Iron: Nickel-Plated)

* As all items are handmade, there will be some differences in each item.
* We are unable to stamp names on the leather as it has high oil content and highly resilient to stamping.
*The specifications, size and shape etc. of some parts that come with the products are subject to change without notice. Please kindly take note.


We welcome all your comments on our products.
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We look forward to receiving comments from everyone.

Important Point To Note Before & After Purchase

Durable 10-Year Lead is not a dog lead that can be used for 10-years with no maintenance. It is a concept whereby if the lead is properly used, with good maintenance and change of metal spare parts, it can be used for some good 10-years.
Please read the following contents to understand our idea before you use it.

  • The 10-Year Lead is not for mooring (not a rope for anchoring). Please do not think of it as a super-strength item. The brackets may risk rupture and damage if subject to overload.
  • The metal parts and stitching are subject to wear & tear. Please check your product for damage before using it each time.
  • Leather is a natural product. The strength and durability of leather depends on how it is stored and handled. Please refer to the "How to Care" instructions before use.
  • As the products are natural and handmade, the sewing, material and size may differ slightly. The color of leather will also change with time. Also, the leather is made from natural plant tannin, so the color may vary. Please refer to our contents about "Nume Leather" to learn more.
  • Our workshop will always accept goods for repair. However, please refer to the details of repair warranty with respect to extent of repair issues.

[Handle : Approx.31cm (Excluding bracket)] [Connecting Segment : Approx.7cm (Excluding bracket)] [+wan : Approx.70cm (Excluding bracket)]