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Studded Lead

Studded Lead

With Outstanding Accents

Studded Lead

Your personality shines with this studded lead.
This metal studded lead is carefully processed and finished in the same way as the collar.

point : 1

The Studs Are Attached One-By-One Like Horse Harness Ornaments Studs by other factories are usually just secured with 2 nails. This makes work simpler and quick but the studs will peel off easily with everyday use. In our studio, we incorporate the techniques of making horse harness ornaments. The studs are fixed on one-by-one by hand and then firmly secured with brackets.
Every detail of our product is important to us. We are also careful about making the lead feel comfortable in your hand. Thus, it is also important that the lead is not too heavy, so we only decorate the leads with 1 to 3 studs per row.

point : 2

Carefully Handcrafted For The Best Comfort Usually only one piece of leather is used to make flat leads. However, for our studded leads, we use 2-ply leather so that the stud brackets are enclosed and would not touch the pet's body. Two sheets of high quality leather are used with the surface of the leather facing outwards on both sides of the lead. By using luxury leather on both sides, the part that touches the pet's body or hair would not cause stress and discomfort to the pet.
In addition, the handle portion of the lead is finished with cross-stitching. This strengthens the lead making it more durable.

point : 3

Convenient +STAY Type Lead Option For Selection Most of our leads are made with the leather folded back and handle sewn down firmly (refer to the photo on the left). Our customers can fully enjoy the beautiful characteristics of leather with this type of lead that has a comfortable grip which is gentle on the hands.
However, some of our customers would like to have a lead that can tie onto trees or poles while out on walks. Hence, we have developed the +STAY option (refer to the photo on the right), so the handle part of the lead can be fixed onto trees or poles as you wish.
*Please note that the +STAY feature is optional and a surcharge is imposed. Please understand that it is not possible to only purchase +STAY option.*