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Choke Collar

Choke Collar

This is an all handmade leather dog accessory created by expert horse harness craftsmen.

Many luxury handbags made in Japan and abroad are crafted by horse harness craftsmen. Through years of experience and refining techniques,harness makers are able to create more robust durable products. We use these fine craftsmanship and continue to make our exquisite dog accessories by hand.

What Is A Choke Type Collar?

Choke collars will tighten when you pull the lead. It is usually used during training to discipline the dog.
For example, when the dog is barking at people or other dogs during the walk, by pulling quickly on the lead, you can correct this behavior. The dog can understand that he is doing a prohibited action. When the bad behavior is corrected immediately and the dog is praised for his good behavior, soon you will be able to enjoy a fun walk with your dog by your side.

Although some people may feel that tightening the collar around the neck of the dog is cruel and the dog is such a "poor thing" but this is only for a short moment and its purpose is only to remind the dog how to behave. While it is important to protect our dog's health and safety, it also important for the dog owner to ensure that the dog minds its manners during a dog walk, so it would not disturb others and bother the surroundings.

The choke collar is only a collar that transmits the dog owner's intention firmly to the dog.
If it is used continually during dog training, we think your dog will have a better understanding of your intentions and develop a stronger relationship to create a fun walking experience together.

The Round Leather Half Choke Collar

Afirm Type Of Collar That Is Tough To MakeThe Round Leather Half Choke Collar

With round leather used, this collar has a beautiful and soft finish.
It is also a great collar for handling reluctant dogs with its stainless steel choke function.
So you can enjoy your walk stress free.

Click Here for Round Leather Half Choke Collar