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Information About Our Workshop

Our workshop is located in Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture.
We are diligently producing the best products in the center of Takamatsu city.

As our products are handmade, there is no large machinery in our workshop. It only contains a cutting press for die-cutting, machinery to adjust the thickness of the leather and an old industrial sewing machine for other products.
Although the space is cramped, it is sufficient as most of the work is done by craftsmen by hand with tools used for harness making.
There is a separate room for stocking the leather materials.
As humidity, temperature and ultraviolet rays weaken the leather, the room is kept cool and humidity is controlled to protect the leather.

This is the best workshop to produce luxurious pet accessories as all our equipment and people we love are here.

Craftsman Introduction

Craftsman Father Fujita

Over 90 years have passed since our horse harness shop was started in 1923 in Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture. The day-to-day operation of the shop is now currently managed by the elderly fourth-generation family head of the Fujita family. He has been continually hand-making and interacting with customers for over 60 years. Our workshop does all pattern cutting and sewing by hand. Hand making each of our leather products brings out their charm. We are happy as long as our customers and pets can enjoy our products..

Craftsman Son of Mr Fujita

Mr Fujita's son has been a craftsman for 20 years. We work hard every day to wholeheartedly manufacture products making sure that only the best products reach the hands of customers. Leather products can be used for a long time depending on how it is cared for and maintained. The happiest moment is when we see that customers are satisfied with our products. We thank all our customers for your support and look forward to a long lasting relationship together in the future.