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Round Leather Half Choke Collar

Round Leather Half Choke Collar

Durable & Easy To Use

Round Leather Half Choke Collar

Made using round leather, it has a gentle finish. It is a simple collar that is comfortable and easy to use, so even if your dog does not like collars, you can have a stress-free walk with him.

What Is A Choke Type Collar?

Choke collars will tighten when you pull the lead. It is usually used during training to discipline the dog.
For example, when the dog is barking at people or other dogs during the walk, by pulling quickly on the lead, you can correct this behavior. The dog can understand that he is doing a prohibited action. When the bad behavior is corrected immediately and the dog is praised for his good behavior, soon you will be able to enjoy a fun walk with your dog by your side.

Although some people may feel that tightening the collar around the neck of the dog is cruel and the dog is such a "poor thing" but this is only for a short moment and its purpose is only to remind the dog how to behave. While it is important to protect our dog's health and safety, it also important for the dog owner to ensure that the dog minds its manners during a dog walk, so it would not disturb others and bother the surroundings.

The choke collar is only a collar that transmits the dog owner's intention firmly to the dog.
If it is used continually during dog training, we think your dog will have a better understanding of your intentions and develop a stronger relationship to create a fun walking experience together.

point : 1

Quality Only Achievable By Hand When stitches are protruding out on the surface, it rubs on the pet’s body and feels uncomfortable. As our products are handmade, we are able to manually hide the stitches for a perfect finish.
We focus on the product details, so that you can have the best quality products which you can use for a long time.

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Our Design Takes Advantage Of The Best Of Leather In our workshop, we do not paint the cross-section of the leather [Koba Part] to make it a uniform color like other factories. However, our design incorporates the natural color of the leather and dyed color. This combination creates a more tasteful and elegant product design.

Round Leather Half Choke Collar Size

Round Leather Half Choke Collar Size

Size Neck Size
S 41cm 40.5~31cm
M 49cm 49.5~39cm
L 63cm 61.5~49.5cm
  • *Please note that for (1) & (2), parts could be subject to stretching and it is normal that sizes may vary slightly.