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This is an all handmade leather dog accessory created by expert horse harness craftsmen.

Many luxury handbags made in Japan and abroad are crafted by horse harness craftsmen. Through years of experience and refining techniques,harness makers are able to create more robust durable products. We use these fine craftsmanship and continue to make our exquisite dog accessories by hand.

Round Leather Collar

For Dogs Produced With Excellent CraftsmanshipRound Leather Collar

It is handmade with a single piece of leather by expert craftsmen.
All our collars are handmade gems.
As the leather is round, the parts that touch the dog are smooth.
This is a collar with gentle finishing for dogs.

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The Studded Collar

The Most Popular Collar To Bring Out Your PersonalityThe Studded Collar

The studed brackets do not touch the dog.
The back of the collar is finished with 2-ply leather the same way as luxury brand leather goods for a comfortable finish.
This collar is recommended for dogs who are individualistic.

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