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Round Leather Lead

Round Leather Lead

Sewn From One Piece Of Leather In Round Fashion

Round Leather Lead

This round leather lead is hand finished using a single piece of leather. It is a difficult technique which can only be made by a skilled craftsman.
Round leather finishing makes the leather durable and comfortable, so it is suitable for use on pet accessories for any part of the body.

point : 1

Carefully Hand Stitched One-By-One This is a lead that is true to the basics and made by hand bringing out the best characteristics of leather. It is made by master craftsmen who know leather well and carefully hand sewn one stitch at a time.
This is an all handmade authentic leather lead.

point : 2

Quality Only Achievable By Hand When stitches are protruding out on the surface, it rubs on the pet’s body and feels uncomfortable. As our products are handmade, we are able to manually hide the stitches for a perfect finish.
We focus on the product details, so that you can have the best quality products which you can use for a long time.

point : 3

Convenient +STAY Type Lead Option For Selection Most of our leads are made with the leather folded back and handle sewn down firmly (refer to the photo on the left). Our customers can fully enjoy the beautiful characteristics of leather with this type of lead that has a comfortable grip which is gentle on the hands.
However, some of our customers would like to have a lead that can tie onto trees or poles while out on walks. Hence, we have developed the +STAY option (refer to the photo on the right), so the handle part of the lead can be fixed onto trees or poles as you wish.
*Please note that the +STAY feature is optional and a surcharge is imposed. Please understand that it is not possible to only purchase +STAY option.*

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