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Permanent Repair Guarantee

Our workshop produces and sells products which are without thread frays. If the thread becomes frayed, we can repair it free of charge.
For other external factors such as breakage due to chewing, there is a standard fee charge of JPY3300 per piece for repair works.
However, there are some situations which we may refuse repair as the product cannot be repaired. This includes cracked leather, torn leather or damage due to dry leather.
Please note that product repair shipping costs to and from Japan are to be borne by the customer.

In order to speed up repairs processing, please send us 2~3 photos of different angles of the areas that need repair. Please send us the photos by email specifying the situation with the subject title "Repair Request". Please refer to the below table for repair and processing costs.

Multi-Way Lead Repair Guarante

Repair / Processing Details Fees
Lead Connection, Collar Leather Reinforcement, Collar Size Adjustment JPY3300
Tube Replacement JPY1100
Re-stitching Thread, Additional Hole Puncture On Collar Free

The above image shows a lead which was unfortunately chewed.The owner thought that it could not be repaired. However, we can repair this type of damage by connecting the lead to restore it or inserting tubing to repair it.


Our shop recommends the latter method of repair.Firstly, if the lead is simply connected together there is a possibility of breaking as the connected parts cannot withstand high stress. Next, if the lead is repaired with tubing, it would have a more beautiful finish look as it would seem like the original. However, the repaired lead will be shorter than the original as we need to remove the damaged portions. The above photos show the chewed lead after repair.