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Round Leather Collar 9mm×No.0

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It is made from a single piece of leather fashioned into a round form. This gem is all handmade.
As the leather is round, the parts that touch the Cat feel smooth. This is a gentle and comfortable collar.
In addition, we hide the stitches so they do not appear on the surface and combine the original color of the cut leather edges [Koba part] with the dyed color leather to create a tastefully designed product.

Color ・Original Brown
Size 9mm×No.0
Inner Diameter Approx.20.5-19-17.5-16cm
Weight Approx.15g
Material Cowhide Buckle (Casting), D Tube (Iron: Nickel-Plated)

The Round Leather Collar 9mm×No.0 is perfectly paired with はthe Round Leather Lead 9mm× 100cm.

* As everything is handmade, there may be some differences in each piece.
* Please note that the inner diameter above is only an approximate.
* As leather has high oil content, it has high self resurrection ability so it is not possible to print names on it.
*The specifications, size and shape etc. of some parts that come with the products are subject to change without notice. Please kindly take note.


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Things To Note Before & After Purchase

  • Every step is made by hand, so it is possible that the product size may be slightly different than described.
  • Please note that the diameter described is the inner diameter which will be slightly smaller than the outer diameter. Please bear this in mind during size selection.
  • The round leather collar or any item is not suitable for mooring or any other purpose than pet accessory.
  • Leather is a natural biological material. The durability depends on storage and method of use. Please read the “How to Care” instructions before use.
  • Our studio offers a permanent repair service. Please refer to the repair warranty with respect to repair details.
  • The color of the leather may differ according to the time of season, production methods and environment such as humidity. Please understand this situation.